The Rice and Beans Diet: Zen For Your Wallet?

Straight out of debt guru and financial advice columnist/videoblogger/radio show host Dave Ramsey’s vault of ideas is the rice and beans diet. It’s an interesting concept that most people spend way too much money on food and not saving nearly enough money from their paychecks. On his show this diet is the first recommendation he makes when some one tries the shirk away from the ever growing interest rate on their bad financial decisions (i.e DEBT!). Why rice and beans, well it is incredibly cheap and can last forever (well at least for a good while).

A 50lb bag of enriched rice will only set you back $22.95 and the average bag can generate 250 servings and if you eat rice twice a day (unless you’re crazy and want to eat rice and beans for breakfast). that means at the absolute most you will pay about $68 for a years supply of rice. Beans on the other hand is a little bit more expensive, and will cost about $.99 for a can (3 servings in a can) and the same 750 servings will set you back $250. So if you really are in dire straights you could subsistence on rice and beans for only $318 for a year. However note that rice and beans isn’t the most exciting diet, so be sure to throw in some meat from time to time and for the love of all that is holy, EAT SOME VEGGIES! A bag of salad cost about a dollar for a 3 serving bag, so for an extra $250 in salad and white meat you can actually eat somewhat healthy on a budget.

Anyways if you feel like you are falling behind in your savings goals/plans, it might be worth it to look at your food spending habits. Maybe make a list of receipts from the grocery store and brainstorm some ways to save money on food.


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