Cut The Cord: How to Save $80 Every Month

Among the barbarians known as Millennials, “cutting the cord” gets throw around more often then “cutting the cheese”. It may seem odd from the perspective of older folks who were around during the early days of T.V and have grown up with it since, but the Millennial generation just isn’t interested in T.V. and especially cable. In other words, “cable, it’s not us, it’s you”. Dramatics aside innovation and disruption have been in the entertainment and T.V. sector for some time and discontinuing cable service isn’t anything new, but if you are looking to save some money and channels like HGTV and the Pottery Channel, aren’t something you’ll miss, then maybe it may be time to join the crowd.

The Cost of Cable: In the 80’s cable was a revolution in entertainment. Instead of dealing with huge satellite dishes or you know just having the 4 channels like I stated earlier, you could now watch pretty much whatever you wanted. It was cool and surprisingly cheap. For example in 1995 cable only costed $22 a month, today the basic package of cable can creep over $100 dollars. And just in case you are curious, that is definitely over inflation for that time period. Cable has gotten ridiculously expensive and if you’re like me and most other millennials, you’re not really pleased about paying for channels that you don’t watch.

Alternatives to Cable: Read a book! Just kidding, well I am sort of kidding, when is the last time you read a book? High school? College? Their are plenty of cheap book subscription services that will run you about $15 a month. Which in turn will be saving you about $85 a month. If books aren’t your thing and binge watching shows is, check out Netflix, which also runs about $15 a month. In addition Roku is another great alternative, in which a streaming stick will only run you $59 a month.

Conclusion: In 2019 there are a myriad of different entertainment options that are trying to solve your boredom problem, at a price that is much less than cable. Most are rather simple to set up and bill on a monthly basis. However if they become to cumbersome to set up be sure to call up your friendly neighborhood millennial for assistance.


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