How to Get a Big Raise Part 2: Making Your Case

In this economy making more money has never been easier.

This is the second part of my “How to get a raise” series. In the first section I covered what the optimal way to set up the meeting was. From extremely efficient ways of doing research, to better calibrating what a particular candidate is worth (on a employment basis). You should be now ready to put on your negotiating pants and go forth and secure the new raise.

Keeping your emotions in check

This is huge, as anyone who has ever played poker can tell you, the guy with a tell will lose, and in this game losing a hand can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Like it or not for a brief moment in time you are an opponent to your boss. Of course it’s a friendly game, or at least a game where you can suck up your pride and shake hands afterwards. Also displaying a calm, calculating demeanor will always benefit you in negotiations. You’ll appear more competent and professional, appearing as someone who can handle the probable extra responsibility.

Which brings me to stating your value

If we can look at proper demeanor and emotions as the frame to the salary negotiations then asserting value is the foundation. Without stating that your more valuable then your salary then the entire negotiation falls apart and it is really common sense. If you can’t demonstrate value above your salary then why would they pay you more? Again the first post in this series is key in assessing if you should be even asking for a raise.

Try to see it from your employer’s view

One of the hardest things you can do when arguing a point is putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. But in order to get that big raise you have to. Your boss, or HR is going to be flabbergasted you’re even asking for a raise, and to be honest if you see from their view it is kind of understandable. For one, they have a salary budget they have to stick to and your asking them to deviate from it. Also not to mention that your raise could possibly interfere with potential hiring plans, but of course you have to get the money when you can. I’m not saying you should capitulate to your employer whims, in fact I am saying to use this as an additional tool in order to get what you want. If you show empathy that will make your already strong case for a raise even stronger.

Well, now that you set up the perfect negotiation and you started wheeling and dealing you are almost ready to get to the good stuff. Getting the actual money and how to manage expectations after you receive your raise.


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