Minimalism: Your New Financial Aesthetic To Saving Money

We buy too much crap. I mean it, we as humans seem determined to spend every red cent that we earn on stupid things that we won’t even remember buying. However of course this is all a natural occurrence and completely fine is most respects (especially if you’re filthy rich). However one aspect of life that this accumulation of crap is not okay with is your financial life. Every dollar that goes towards RayBan sunglasses and Gucci shirts, is a dollar that does not find it’s way into an investment account or your work’s 401K plan, for those sweet tax gains.

Okay you understand that surely but you’re probably saying to me “But if I don’t have the latest gear, all of my friends will make fun of me for being poor!”. Perhaps, but outside of some really dumb friends no one really cares what clothes you’re wearing or what kind of accessories you got. All most people care about are the contents of your heart and unfortunately your wallet as well. However with a semi-minimalist lifestyle you can de-clutter your life and refill your empty pockets.

I don’t really advocate for total minimalism because quite frankly some strategies can get pretty insane. Like “take 10 things and throw out the rest” kind of insane. Now don’t get me wrong that would be fantastic for your wallet, but at least for me, I would like to not sleep on the floor. Anyways there are plenty of books, forums, Facebook groups etc. that are dedicated to this way of living. The real point is to quit accumulating so much junk that you’ll never use and start having your money work for you, instead of the other way around.

Disclaimer: I am not an financial advisory professional and this is not financial investment advice. Any financial decisions should be made with the help of a financial advisory professional.


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