Why You Should Be Getting Up At 5am

5am, are you crazy? That is way too early, is what you might be saying after reading the title of this post but it’s true, you really should be waking up super early. The benefits should be pretty obvious, I.E having more time in the day. But what about the things that you can do with that time. For example maybe if you were feeling extra motivated you could stroll into the office and start working at 6am and leave at 2:30pm (assuming a 30 minute lunch). This would give you pretty much the whole afternoon to do whatever you wanted.

Also perhaps you are the more active type and wanted to go for a run. Just imagine the feeling of jogging back to you apartment/condo/house/whatever just before the sun rises and the world is still, for the most part, just trudging out of bed. In my opinion and from my experience the best work is done after a couple hours of being awake. Just getting up and jetting to the office doesn’t really work, you’ll just spend the first couple of hours trying to wake up with copious amounts of coffee, which is not optimal.

Also getting up early and performing some sort of physical exercise will contribute to a good night’s sleep. The reason being, is the fact that you will be tired after a long day at the office and won’t be able to continue your, probably counterproductive night owl habits. Perhaps you can shake off being tired and get to that project that you have been putting off for the last couple of months.


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