How To Get Your Company To Pay For Your Professional Certification

In 2019 the working world is moving faster than most people think. The skills that we have learned over our years of schooling may become obsolete in 15 years time. This means that if we want to keep/securing a high paying and lucrative career, we need to continually improve our skill set. And more importantly as narcissistic as this may sound, we need everyone (especially recruiters) to know that we have gathered new skills by the way of certifications, that allow us to put all sort of fancy letters after our names.

Of course we think that these certifications are a big deal, but if you’re a business owner or a manager in a big corporation you may not see it that way. Perhaps it’s unfair but even though the company that you work for may benefit from your new professional standing, they probably don’t want to pay for it. It’s natural to want to save as much money as possible, but if you’re smart you can help your organization see the value and more often than not they will help/straight up pay for the whole thing.

Choosing the right certification: Is there a state society or a governing body for the professional organization you’re trying to get into? Yeah, a Certified Basket Weaver might sound fun, but I’m pretty sure that no one, including your boss will take that seriously. A Certified Public Accountant on the other hand is generally taken very seriously and has a great governing body behind it (state CPA societies). The point is to do some research and see what the prospects are for your desired certification and whether the certification has a good support system behind it.

Communicating the value: No one is going to pay for something that gives no value and your certification is no exception. In order to get your company to pay for your certification you’re going to need to truly understand the value of said certification. Will it help you at work? Will it help your boss with his duties? These are questions that you have to ask yourself before you ask your company to pay for it If they can truly see the value in what you’re trying to achieve then it should be easy to them to pay for your professional certification.

Be ready to walk away: I mean two things by this one, be ready to walk away from the negotiating table and be ready to walk away from the organization if negotiations really go south. The first suggestion is really more like a reset button, because even though it may not seem like it your boss is a human being and they will not be able to make pertinent decisions if you just turn up one day and start demanding money. On the other hand if you’ve shown good evidence that this certification will be useful to the company and that it’s highly respected and they still won’t go for it, then you might just have to find a new job. Which, if your certification is in demand then that perfect new job may not be that hard to find.

When getting someone else to pay for something you want, it’s really all about putting yourself in their shoes and seeing why they would pay for it. In the case of a company being able demonstrate value will allow you to better show why they need to be paying for your certification.


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