Writer’s Block: How To Push Through

I had an interesting thought when I was taking a walk outside this morning. “What am I going to write about?” I was going through what most people would call writer’s block. Now this is something that plagues most of the people who do any sort of creative expression, whether that be blogging, painting etc. It’s hard to come up with new ideas.

But in order to build and grow an audience we must continue writing and sometimes that means writing about not having anything to write about (as meta as that is). However one thing that really has helped me in my, so far short, blogging career, is having a set schedule. As it stands right now I want to put out about 4 posts a week. These posts usually happen on the weekends, with a couple posts sprinkled on through out the week. This way I have a set goal that I am trying to accomplished and if I do end up a bit short of my goal then I will still have some decent posts in any given week.

Also another thing that helps me to write posts is just giving myself time to write the posts, meaning writing it in bursts. I find that I can come up with a good post if I try to write it in chunks instead of trying to write the entire thing before I even start typing on my keyboard. And while it may take a little bit longer to write the post it at least gets me to put my posts on the blog, which brings me to the final piece of advice a small traffic blogger, who has only a token few views in any given day can give and that is to just write.

It may seem that no one reads anything that I write, and to be fair most days that is probably true, but I didn’t start this to get big or anything. I really just like finance and financial independence and I just like talking about it. I think if we as small traffic bloggers, who may never get rich, or get any money from this, can just remember that we really do this to have fun and talk about something we are interested in. Then we can find writing to be fun again and the ideas will flow more easily and the audience will eventually grow.

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