Ad Overload: How To Make Money In This Golden Age of Advertising

Ads are everywhere, like literally everywhere. In fact if the people at Yankelovich Inc. are correct then us modern humans are exposed to about 5000 ads a day. Of course it goes without saying that there is no way the average person can remember all 5000 of those ads. And we can safely assume that most ads never result in any type of conversions, meaning that someone either visited the website, or more importantly actually bought something.

As such, online advertising is incredibly cheap when compared to the old method of actually buying a billboard or buying a section in the newspaper. Of course the reason for that is that a good number of the online population have an ad blocker and that because we see so many ads a day. This saturation of ads causes us to start a selection process on what we will and will not click on. And I hate to break it to most people but their products are really not that interesting.

However that doesn’t mean that ads are useless, in fact it is opposite. Pretty much all of our favorite social media sites and apps are only able to exist through the advertisements that we have to sift through each day. In fact all of those small businesses really only exist through advertising. If you think about it why would someone come to your supposedly 5 star, hole in the wall restaurant if it’s not on Yelp, or TripAdvisor? Which brings me to how to make money in this age of advertising overload: Branding.

Anyone can log onto their FaceBook/Twitter/etc. page and pay for some advertising, and they’re people who can do it so well they can even sell with no prior online/physical presence. But for most people that simply isn’t the case, building an online brand is much more effective. Essentially just start posting content on social media sites and sell your product intermittently. If you’re actually interesting (unlike me) then you will build an audience that finds you entertaining regardless of what your selling and that will lead to more conversions and better sales numbers.

So really the answer is to just start having fun with your business. Try and make other people laugh, or provide helpful information that positive impact your intended audience. The days of mindlessly buying ads is pretty much done and you need to build your brand in order to make money in today’s social media/ad overload economy.

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