Why You Should Meditate At Work

The average work day last approximately 8 hours (8 to 5 with an hour for lunch), but to be honest it seems like it’s longer than that some times. Some days, the work day can drag on as you’re trying to balance stressful projects and deadlines that you can’t actually reach, but you try to anyways. It seems like there is no way that you can take a couple of minutes off and just sit there and meditate. But in all actuality, you do have those couple of minutes and it is imperative that you meditate for at least a few minutes a day.

Meditation can have many forms, when most people think of meditation, they think of a monk sitting in some temple high up in the mountain performing some ancient chant. In reality most meditation doesn’t need to be that involved, in fact it may be more beneficial to do it in short bursts. For example plan a time, whether it’s when you get in to work or when you get back from lunch it doesn’t really matter, and just do some deep breathing for about 1 to 2 minutes. Just enough to bring your heart rate down and allow you to start better focusing on your work. Perhaps you may try and take those 1 to 2 minutes off to meditate when you’re stress out at work, just to calm down and get your thoughts straight before continuing work.

When your calmed down resume your work, hopefully what you will notice is that you’re more present and thoughtful. This presence and mindfulness will carry over into your work. Instead of freaking out or getting mad when you receive a task from a superior/manager you’ll be supercharged to take the assignment head on. You stop thinking so much and free up mental space. This newly freed up mental space can now store the stuff that really matters, like actually doing your job, instead of trying to look busy.

In conclusion lots of people think of meditation as some thing that hippies and monks practice. But in the corporate world taking even a couple of minutes during the work day just to sit down and meditate can have major benefits. It’s easier to take on the hard work that needs to be done daily if you’re thoughtful and present, during the work day.

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