When Should You Quit Your Job Without Another One Lined Up?

Quitting a job is one of the scariest things a person can do in the modern era. On the surface quitting your job seems easy enough, just walk up to your boss and tell him to take this job and shove it. But after the initial daydreaming is over we start to realize what happens after we walk out that door for the final time. The uncertainty of starting a new career or the awkwardness of saying good bye to coworkers, or worse yet, having to start looking for a job all together.

To be honest it should be common knowledge that it’s much easier to get a job when you have a job. The main reason for this is it gives you a kind of air that tells employers that their competitors think that your actually worth something, and they would be wise to steal you away from whatever company you work for. However finding a job once you’re unemployed is tricky. You have to demonstrate value while appearing to not be a flake who will just leave whenever. This balancing act definitely takes some effort and careful planning, but it’s not impossible and in some scenarios it may even be beneficial to recoup and recalculate your career strategy some examples are.

When you have a strong support system: It’s nice to have people to lean on and although no body wants to be a leech it could be beneficial to lean on that solid support structure when you’re between jobs. Whether it’s emotional support and advice. Or whether it’s literally moving back with your parents, which if you’re really doing that, at least offer to do the dishes for them.

When you have money saved up: Now if you have enough money you can just retire and never work again. But if you’re like most everyone else under 70 that just isn’t the case, but it is probable you have a sizable savings. If you’re looking to split from your job be sure to at least have a year of expenses saved up and practice being frugal while you’re unemployed. Because all that security will quickly wash away if you spend all of your money before finding a new job.

When you literally can’t take the job anymore: Now this is entirely subjective but if your job is taking a huge toll on your health, mentally or psychically then it is time to leave. Telling people you’re on unemployment benefits or living with your parents sucks but being in a crummy job is way worse. Remember that you have to be your biggest advocate.

When you’re switching careers: If you’re going to switch careers, and I mean like a big seismic switch then it really won’t matter much if you quit without a job. Of course this does assume you are going back to school. However it worth noting you should do a cost/benefit analysis of taking on extra debt to finance the schooling need for a new career.

Quitting a job is always scary but being trapped in a crappy career is too. Sometimes you just have to go up to your superiors and them that you’ll be unemployed as of a specific date. Getting a job when you have a job is easier and it may be more difficult. But with a good set of friends, and some money it may just be the best idea you’ve had in a long time. Also before you storm off to a brand new adventure be sure to at least ask for a recommendation and maybe consider giving two weeks notice.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisory or investment professional and this post or any post on this site should not be considered financial or investment advice. Any financial decisions should be made with careful consideration. Also these financial decisions with the input of an investment or financial professional.

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