Why You Should Meditate Before Work

The average day in the life of the average office worker can be stressful. Between dealing with difficult co workers, tight deadlines and unrealistic demands from management, it seems that our jobs have become a cocktail for bad vibes and awful times. And while most of us cannot just go off and retire, leaving the corporate grind behind, there are some things that we can do to minimize stress and maximize our enjoyment at work. One of these things is meditating before you head off to start your busy day.

Now when most people think of meditation they imagine a gaunt, man in robes on top of a mountain, humming some ancient chant as he stay motionless for hours, breathing deeply or something similar. However meditation is really a broad term and literally for almost everyone, 15 or so minutes is all you need each morning. For me personally, my meditation sessions are usually done lying down on a couch, closing my eyes and just observing my thoughts and trying not to interact with them. And while 15 minutes may not seem like a long time (and it first may not seem particularly useful), trust me when I say 15 minutes is more than enough. In fact, at first, try and shoot for five minutes of meditation. This 5 minutes will seem like a lot longer than that but eventually you will get more mindful as you get better and better at meditating.

“Well that’s great, I am going to sit like an idiot tomorrow , but before I do, what are the benefits to this again?” Well I am glad you asked non existent reader. Meditating will make you more centered in your everyday life, in the very short term you feel somewhat calmer. However in my opinion you really don’t see the benefits of meditation until you have a few months under your belt. At that point, hopefully, you have learned to interact with your thoughts less. Interacting with your thoughts less will make you a calmer person in general. The things that bothered you before like dumb co workers, or that intern that keeps messing up the coffee order will bother you less and less. Eventually you may even let the intern off the hook and actually buy your own coffee. Maybe, perhaps you’ll gain the willpower to not yell at your subordinates after they mess up a spreadsheet? The are a myriad of possible benefits to having a quiet period of reflection each day.

In my experience the best way to stick to this meditation regime is do it as soon as you get up. That way you get your meditation out of the way and move on with your morning routine. Also as I mentioned earlier try and start with as long as you can stand. For most people meditation is more frustrating than anything else because our minds are so used to always being on. But if you stick with it, it becomes less of a chore and more of something you look forward to.

In conclusion meditation has a myriad of benefits and the great thing is you don’t have to live like a monk in order to realize them. In fact 5 – 15 minutes a day is all you need to have a more mindful perspective. But take note meditation is not easy at first and you may have to stick to a routine to really see the rewards. Office life can be chaotic at times so anything we can do to limit stress on ourselves is essential to our careers.

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