Weekend Roundup, What Am I Reading?

Having only started this blog in April of this year, I am a relatively new blogger. However in the 8 months or so I have been involved with the Personal Finance and F.I.R.E. (financial independence, retire early) communities I have learned so much and have found many interesting blogs and posts. This community is changing financial lives daily and I am proud to be apart of this community. However, I want to share some blogs and posts that I have been reading over the past week. So without further ado, lets get into it.

Life Before Budget, published a post from late November that talked about an often overlooked aspect of the F.I.R.E., being that one should actually enjoy life instead of throwing themselves completely to the grind. https://lifebeforebudget.com/dont-wait-for-early-retirement-to-start-living/

Ross from On Money, wrote an interesting and hilarious post about the pitfalls of raising a baby, and how to get the best deal on a myriad of thing, (via Slick Money) and even some advice on college 529 plans for college savings (cannot recommend a 529 plan enough. Also his take on how much college will cost in 18 years, really gets me thinking about people in the future will even afford college. https://rossonmoney.com/knocked-up-money-prep-101/

Late Starter Fire is showing us that it is never too late to get into the Financial Independence movement, and that living a frugal life can be enjoyable as well as financially responsible. http://www.latestarterfire.com/2019/12/12/late-starter-to-fi-series-2-a-simple-life/

Kari from Money In Your Tea, published a article stating her predictions for the stock market in 2020. She also gave some simple rules for “investing for your goals” that will certainly help people move more toward value investing as opposed to speculation. https://moneyinyourtea.com/will-the-stock-market-crash-in-2020/

Keeping Up With The Bulls, had a really interesting post about how to avoid student debt and get an MBA! Getting a MBA is something that people in financial careers think about all the time but never do because of the cost associated with getting the degree. However through getting promoted at your current job, taking advantage of company perks and good old fashion finanical planning, you might get that MBA debt free. https://www.keepingupwiththebulls.com/how-to-avoid-student-loans-and-get-your-mba/

Does gaming build grit? FrogDancerJones form Burning Desire For Fire shares a inspirational story about gaming and how it helps people overcome adversity. Also having distractions to help you relax while trying to achieve F.I.R.E., is an interesting concept. https://burningdesireforfire.com/does-gaming-help-to-develop-grit/

I also read a very interesting post on SemiRetirePlan.com about “The 3 Step Sem-Retire Plan”, which could be an alternative to waiting decades for complete financial independence. https://semiretireplan.com/the-semi-retire-plan/

Hustle Escape showed us the science behind New Years Resolutions and how we should actually go about achieving them. https://hustleescape.com/achieve-new-years-resolutions/

The F.I.R.E. community is growing daily and with more and more great blog posts being published by the hour.More and more people will be on the path to becoming financially independent, which in my opinion leads to a healthier economy and less anxiety ridden communities.

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