Weekly Roundup Week 2

As with virtually all weeks there is a wealth of great personal finance articles and blog posts found on Twitter and the web in general. From learning how to buy a house, to learning how to discards the shackles of employment and finally retire early, there is something in this community for everyone to sink some time into and hopefully learn something new. Last week I made a post compiling post based off a tweet on Twitter in which I asked people to give me post to look at. For this week, I decided to go a little different route and compile some articles that I found on my own.

A Purple Life, detailed how she lived off of $17,896 in 2019. She kept costs low by keeping large bills like rent down ( $850 in rent while also living close to downtown Seattle!), and also had a incredibly low travel cost through travel hacking.

Black Tee Money, shared his review of Wag . A dog walking side hustler service akin to Lyft and Uber, but with dogs instead of ferry people around from place to place. It appears to be a great source of side income. Per his post you can earn $18 an hour plus tips. This is much better than side hustle like pizza delivery and none of the maintenance like upkeep on a car.

I read a post on WeOnFire.com, about how to be an everyday millionaire. Focusing on things like getting rid of debt and investing early and often.

The FI Heroes gave us an updated on their journey to $3 million. Growing their net worth from a negative net worth of -$100,000 15 years ago to $3 million that it eventually grew to in 2019.

The $76K Project has their 2020 goals already planned out and in a post they outlined how they are going to be putting their plan into action. This includes not only money goals, but also life goals, blogging goals, and running goals.

Chrissy from EatSleepBreatheFI posted her review of her first year of blogging. Her wins, her fails and what she learned from the whole process so far. Including how she got over the slump she saw at about he 5 month mark.

I also read a post from The Wealthy Gardener with the sagely advice of “Be Frugal, Be Free”. Reminding us the reason why we are all working so hard towards financial independence. We are all working towards this because in my opinion financial freedom is one of the most important milestones in life.

Tread Lightly and Retire Early, shared their Top 12 posts of 2019. Including trading money for time, before reaching financial independence, and including establishing a non monetary emergency fund. The later post of which was shared on many other blogs and did quite well.

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