Who Is My Financial Sensei?

Hey all, it’s the Sensei here.

IRL I am one of those millennial types your kids keep telling you about. Diving into my smartphone for hours on end while while tweeting about the best place to get avocado toast (just kidding).

However I am a Certified Public Accountant that has always had a passion for helping others expand their financial knowledge. Also I have a passion for stock investing and saving money, moving people towards financial independence. Also want to help other see that investing and saving money can be an exhilarating experience (and hopefully one that will pay you money as well). This blog was started in 2019 and perhaps you like my writing enough to have me guest-post on your blog, review a financial product, etc. If so, please feel out the contact form below.

Also as a disclaimer I am not an investment or financial advisory professional so do not take my ramblings as investment or financial advisory advice.